Sentence Combining With FANBOYS

When a writer fails to join sentences, it’s a twofold problem: the writing is choppy, making it less pleasant to read, and the connections between ideas are invisible to the reader, making it hard to construct meaning from the text. This kind of problem isn’t uncommon in student writing, but luckily, it’s a problem that can be solved using a variety of sentence combining tools.

In this post, I’m going to focus on the FANBOYS. … More Sentence Combining With FANBOYS

Real Talk: Shannon Okey

Today’s we’re profiling entrepreneur Shannon Okey, author of a suite of knitting books and the popular Knitggrl blog, whose publishing company, Cooperative Press, has now published over 60 books, and who founded independent craft showcase Cleveland Bazaar, northeast Ohio’s longest-running independent craft show, providing space for artisans and the community to come together for more than a decade. Aspiring entrepreneurs, take note! … More Real Talk: Shannon Okey

Real Talk: Rebecca Whiteside

Even in STEM careers, reading and writing are vital skills. In this installment of the Red Pen Pedestrian “Real Talk” series, we’re profiling Rebecca Whiteside, a Geographic Information Systems Specialist at an engineering firm. She tells us how important reading and writing are to what she does, and how she might just have helped avert a small zombie apocalypse with her skills. … More Real Talk: Rebecca Whiteside

On Doing My Own Writing Assignments

As teachers, we all know this is the right thing to do, right? We should do our own assignments to get a sense of how well-designed they are, to work through any wrinkles or snags our students will no doubt face, and to get a sense of how long, realistically, it’s going to take to do them. But to be honest, I don’t do this as often as I should. Other than the occasional model for a new assignment, I haven’t done much responding to my own writing prompts in a while because I’ve been drawing from my bank of favorite assignments, assignments with the kinks more or less ironed out. … More On Doing My Own Writing Assignments