An Emporium of Trinkets, Geegaws, Trifles, and Tchotchkes

Admit it, you’ve been dying to own a mug that helps you shout loud and proud that semicolons are the sexiest punctuation. (They totally are. I mean, a case can be made for the interrobang — but where’s the romance?!) Live the dream, my friends. I’ve opened a Red Pen Pedestrian Emporium on CafePress. Like … More An Emporium of Trinkets, Geegaws, Trifles, and Tchotchkes

Real Talk: Shannon Okey

Today’s we’re profiling entrepreneur Shannon Okey, author of a suite of knitting books and the popular Knitggrl blog, whose publishing company, Cooperative Press, has now published over 60 books, and who founded independent craft showcase Cleveland Bazaar, northeast Ohio’s longest-running independent craft show, providing space for artisans and the community to come together for more than a decade. Aspiring entrepreneurs, take note! … More Real Talk: Shannon Okey

Real Talk: Andy Engel

The Real Talk series gives professionals in a variety of industries a chance to share why reading and writing are so critical to what they do.

Today we’re profiling Andy Engel, Grammy-winning illustrator and graphic designer responsible for some truly iconic movie posters, album covers, and DVD covers across the pop culture spectrum — from Megadeth album covers to Tinkerbell movie posters, from Scarface to The Simpsons, from Pirates of the Caribbean to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. … More Real Talk: Andy Engel