Challenge Accepted: Difficulty Paper, Part 4

You’re in the home stretch now! You’ve done Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the Difficulty Paper, and now it’s down to the final section.


You’ll recall that in Part 3, you wrote about your new insights about your chosen text. Well, here in Part 4 you’ll do a little more reflecting, but this time, it gets a little meta.

Here in Part 4, write about your strategies. How well did they work out for you?

Remember all the plans you made in Part 2 to answer your central question or question about your challenging text? Evaluate how effective each part of your strategy was. If they were effective, how might you use them again in the future, the next time you’re called upon to read a text that challenged you? If a strategy or part of a strategy wasn’t effective, what might you do differently the next time you encounter a difficult text? Whether they worked or they didn’t, your strategies taught you something useful about what you can do as a reader to read more effectively.

And that’s it! You’re done with your difficulty paper. If all went well, you learned something more about your challenging text, and more importantly, you learned something about yourself.

Keanu approves.

Interested in using the Difficulty Paper in your own classroom? I’ve put together a resource page here!


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